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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Doris Simeon Supports Rita Dominic's Trending Statement

March 22, 2018 0
Doris Simeon Supports Rita Dominic's Trending Statement
Actress Doris Simeon has reportedly supported the statement of Rita Dominic over some Nollywood movies showing in cinemas.

Rita Dominic was once trending on the internet over her statement sometime last week.

Significantly, she stated the cinema culture helps to reduce the piracy level of the movies. In her words ” I would say one thing that my colleague also said. All films are not meant for the cinemas. Nonetheless, the cinema culture helps to reduce the piracy level for Nollywood films.”

Kiss Daniel Buys Necklace Worth 14 Million Naira

March 22, 2018 0
Kiss Daniel Buys Necklace Worth 14 Million Naira
Nigerian singer kiss Daniel is flaunting his financial muscles to show that when it comes to wealth he is also on that same page with other big musicians in the country.

The singer is one of those artistes that love to show off their wealth on social media and with this new acquisition, kiss Daniel will be said to be making it big time in the industry.

With the recent drop of hit songs back to back this has truly increased his bank account and the singer cannot hold back on this is spending spree.

The singer just removed a whooping sum of N14 million just for a mere necklace that someday it may get lost or misplaced.

Kiss bought a diamond customized necklace which has the word FLYBOY boldly in scripted on it and this attracted Nigerian luxurious designer Malivelihood.

Flyboy is the name of his just established record label after he won the court case against his former record label G-Worldwide.

Reacting to the picture of the jewelry, Malivelihood dropped a comment stating that the piece costs N14 million. He said, “14 Million no be small thing o”.

The singer had recently shared a photo of his newly acquired mansion in Lekki of Lagos state and he even bought a new car because he gave out his old car to his younger brother on his birthday. 2018 is surely turning out to be a good one for him.

Bosslady Blasts Runtown; “U Be Evil Spirit”

March 22, 2018 0
Bosslady Blasts Runtown; “U Be Evil Spirit”
Nigerian artiste Bosslady who is originally called Olabisi Olatunbosun has blown hot and has spat fire on the face of Runtown for recently speaking ill over his record label manager.

Runtown has been taken to court for the second time in two years over breach of contract with his record label. The court served him papers for interim injunction which he is not happy about.

Runtown was furious over this and he took to social media to blast the manager saying he was broke and only wanted to extort money from him and his brother joined the battle and it was a two on one situation for the manager.

Bosslady has come to the rescue of the manager and she has not in any way tried taking it kindly with runtown with her choice of words, she has rained curses and abuse him saying;

”IM READY TO SHAKE TABLES!! ND EVEN BREAK TABLES!! Im very pissed here right now ND if you come here to criticize or judge, thunder and lightning will fire ND strike you!! I for nor talk but I’ve had enough ND since dat dirty mouthed brother of @runtown can av guts to insult mr dilly, then I ll talk. @runtown ,u nd ur broda una two dey craze well.

Na people like una nor let make fastrising artist like us see label cos all labels nw blive dat everybody be like you.Animal, shebi u don see money do dread, shebi wen dilly pick u up na ordinary old sch dey ur head, d same useless manner wey make u @runtownleave only @phynofino wen tinz neva b to build penthauz alone, na dat uselez habit still dey ur body.
Isn’t @phynofino bigger dan u now? After lots of endurance. Olofoo, na only u go first dey label abi? U wan use ur own kobalize upcoming acts wey still need label.. Even me I’ve been doing music for ten years now, no label I don find find tire, I don’t struggle with all my energy,I borrow loan frm lapo ,do my video ND still trying hard to get any helpful label/investor ND I know I’m not d only one. Na there one idiot see helper lift him career still no know am.

I’m speaking on behalf of all fast rising artists who still need help, so now u wan make dose pple think say na so we self go do if dem help, UR PLAN NOR GO WORK! u nor fit understand as u nor know how e dey go, ND dat ur stupid broda self, wetin dat one know Dan to flex for club upandan as him never undstnd meaning of hustle.

Nor just lemme vex for here. @runtowncome out nd swear if u get common 100k for account before @el_coco_lavendersigned you.. U be EVIL SPIRIT… NA now I know why @officiaiwizkidayo didn’t reply with even just a “thank you’ after the 21 days fast I did for him..dry fast for dat matter(ND heaven bear me witness dat I did that fast as d spirit directed me to)I don’t need anyone to believe me you can just go to hell if you don’t believe..

Na now I knw say him don see everyone as ingrate like @runtown …abeg ooo all labels for naija,@mavinrecords ,@fivestarmusicng,@el_coco_lavender ,@323ent ,@dmw_hq@davidoofficial@officiaiwizkidayo@donjazzy .me I need deal oo nd I dey available oo” she fired.

I Just Have Fat In The Right Places – Moyo Lawal To Body Shamers

March 22, 2018 0
I Just Have Fat In The Right Places – Moyo Lawal To Body Shamers
Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has penned down her thoughts on body shaming again via her IG page.

She wrote;

    Its super confusing that people will accuse me of surgery , then try to bodyshame me all at the same time …… . like….some people will go ” how did Moyos lady bits ��get so big��….. ……… The same set of people of people will still go, Moyo you know have added weight ���….. Eeeem, are you serious Am sure ya all know ,it is just fat …. Fat in the right places �……. #Commissioneroffatandshort …… p.s Still 100% #Teamnatural �� …………………………………. P.s if I ever have surgery , haaaaa!!! You people will hear it ��Walahi , Oma loud gan!!! ….. #ML

Ruth Kadiri Exposes Her Mother

March 22, 2018 0
Ruth Kadiri Exposes Her Mother
Nigerian curvy actress Ruth Kadiri has taken time off her career path to remember and celebrate her lovely mother.

When they say photocopy of something or someone, they is no better example than the likes of Ruth Kadiri and her mother.

The look much more alike and if not for the large age difference you may be forced to conclude that they probably are twin sisters, although they still look much more alike.

Ruth took to her Instagram to put up a picture of her beautiful mother whom she took her good looks from. Her followers so wowed by the beauty her mother possessed shared their thoughts of her she so much looks like her.

Ruth Kadiri born on March 24, 1988 was born in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. She is a graduate of Mass communication from the University of Lagos, and Business Administration from Yaba College Of Technology.

TBoss Finally Reveals Who She Is In Love With

March 22, 2018 0
TBoss Finally Reveals Who She Is In Love With
Former BBNaija housemate in the 2017 edition who is also a reality star Tokunbo Idowu better known as TBoss has revealed who she is love with.

Tboss has shared new glooming photos of her beautiful self and whilst on it she revealed she hadn’t much love for herself until just recently.

According to her she has known this fellow for 34 years and 12 days now but it seems she only understands herself recently, but now she loves it quite ferociously.

She also went on to advise every other person to allow follow this trails if not nobody will truly love you.

This is her post below;

“My #WCW & Every day is this face right here And though I have been looking at it for the longest- 34 years and 12 days I only recently fell in love with it completely as I would admit that even I didn’t quite fully understand it. But now,,,, Nowww, I love it quite ferociously. Bottom line is- You should too.” She said.

#BBNaija: I Didn’t Raise A Witch --- Cee-C’s Sister Cries Out

March 22, 2018 0
#BBNaija: I Didn’t Raise A Witch --- Cee-C’s Sister Cries Out
The big brother Nigeria house mate Cee-C has fallen out with many Nigerian and her fans alike has she has been constantly involved in fight every day in the house.

The possessive Cee-C has been under scrutiny over this very act and many have branded her with various names like witch, bipolar patient for always picking fights with those that are meek and considered weakling in the house.

Her elder sister who was responsible for her upbringing after their mother was dead has declared that this is not the kind of woman she had raised that she is better than this.

She went on to disclosed that she perfectly planned for her wedding even when she never did something of that nature and it was wonderful so she does not see why she has decided to show her weaknesses rather than make the nation see her strength. She believes she will pull through all of this and still remain strong.

This is her message; “Dear Sister, when mum left us I assumed the role of a mother to you, I have known you for 25years now and I know you better than anyone else because I played a huge part in your upbringing. I know I am not a failure and contrary to what SOME people think I did not raise a bipolar patient, I did not raise a witch, I did not raise an evil woman, I did not raise a bitter person rather I raised the most awesome and unique woman ever. Sis you are a woman with a good heart. You are the hot head in the family, and this strength has always driven you to ambitious heights, taking daunting challenges.

I still can’t forget how u took it upon u to organize my wedding even when u hadn’t done anything similar before. I know #BBNAIJA may not be the best place for people to see your strengths but your drive for new things, new adventures and resilience pushed you through the audition and into the House.

I know no matter how tough it gets you’ll pull through. It’s in you. There are times I watch and break down emotionally for you then the next minute you’re basking in life and enthusiasm. You’re a strong woman and I know that you’ll be fine in and out of the house. I know your story will definitely be like the proverbial seed that has to fall and die in order to grow. Stay Strong.

That said, your many Amazing Fans and I will keep supporting you till day 85 because we believe that a story doesn’t end with the first Chapter.”

Make-Up Artiste Humiliate Susan Peters Over Unpaid Debts

March 22, 2018 0
Make-Up Artiste Humiliate Susan Peters Over Unpaid Debts
Nigerian Nollywood actress Susan Peters has been dealt a big blown has she was called out by her makeup artiste for refusing to pay her after her makeup session.

The makeup artiste identified as Tonia X on social media was grieved has she refuse to comply with the fees she owed her for some couple of weeks, saying she had tried solving it amicably but her pomposity wouldn’t allow.

According to Tonia X when she asked for her to pay, she started raining abuses on her and sometimes ignored her messages and calls so she had to take it out for the public to know.

Susan peters on her own part has issued that she was only looking for a way to gain cheap publicity by using her name. Tonia went further to share proofs to everything she said with screen shots from their previous conversation.

Tonia went forward to give Susan Peters and ultimatum of 24 hours to pay up the debt or she will not like the outcome, she eventually did pay which after paying she blocked the makeup artiste.

So these things that they do say that most of our celebrities are just living a fake flashy life is true, owing N30, 000 from a makeup session and you refuse to pay yet you flaunt luxury on social media.

RMD Advise Nigerian Youth How To Succeed In Life

March 22, 2018 0
RMD Advise Nigerian Youth How To Succeed In Life
Nigerian veteran actor Richard Mofe Damijo who is now mostly famous for always given out advice to the younger generation has issued another success tip.

The actor seems to be more concerned on how the Nigerian youth can have a better future amidst the current hardship and crime rate in the country.

RMD has urge Nigerian that to succeed everyone needs to be intentional in whatsoever thing he/she wants to do, he said that has everyone steps out to go to any function or his/her day to day activity they are always intentional likewise attaining success.

This is an article for anybody who wants to be successful.

“Many times I’ve been asked what advice I have for young actors and lately I have come to realize that the best advice for anyone, irrespective of career path is to be intentional.

You do not wake up in the morning, have a bath, dress up nice and leave your house without an intention.

You leave to go to work, school, church, market, just take a walk, see a movie, whatever… The point is you step out with an intention. Even if all you want to do is “waka round” without going anywhere in particular, that in itself is still an intention.

This same theory must be applicable in your life, BE INTENTIONAL. Do not live your life without an intention. Don’t enter a relationship without an intention. Don’t start a business without an intention. Don’t pursue a career without an intention. Draw up a long term plan and have a short term one that will help you achieve it, then work towards the plan intentionally. So if you need my advice, it would be these 2 words “BE INTENTIONAL” he wrote.

Bobrisky Reveals Who Is Behind His Luxury Life

March 22, 2018 0
Bobrisky Reveals Who Is Behind His Luxury Life
Nigerian controversial male Barbie Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju who is fondly called Bobrisky is a Nigerian internet personality, cross dresser and entrepreneur.

The cross dresser is mostly popular for selling bleaching lotions, and many believes he gets his daily living from this but he has come out to reveal his real source of income.

Bobrisky claims to be the queen of SnapChat and is always flaunting his BAE although the said BAE has not been made public.

The Barbie shared some photos of his apartment and said that all of this was only possible because of the BAE he has got.

He went further to advice anyone who cares to listen that they should stick to the right man and never revealed who the person is otherwise they will be snatched from them.

This is what he wrote;

“I never did alone i won’t lie. i got all dis with the help of my darling my BAE. Bleep some billionaire codedly. Keep their names out of friends and social media. My if i tell anybody who my BAE is by now i would have been this rich today. Always close your mouth. Even if you’re bleeping dad let it be an everlasting secret btw u and him. Some people say no secret last forever. That is a fat lie. I have been with my BAE for 4yrs now and no one can trace us wen we see, or who is the BAE. My has 3 grown children with lot of billions. I’m the latest wife” Bobrisky said.

Bobrisky is considered to be gay by so many although he has not been caught in the very act.

Georgina Onuoha Touching Story About Her Ex-husband’s Family

March 22, 2018 0
Georgina Onuoha Touching Story About Her Ex-husband’s Family
Divorced former Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha is filled with mixed feelings as she celebrates the 11th birthday of her first daughter, Nicole Igwegbe.

The USA based diva went down memory lane to recall all she went through in the hands of her ex-husband’s family members.

She shared a before and after photo of the birthday girl on Instagram and this touching story follows:

“1 and 11.. how time flies..

Lord I am humbled. Thank you for your many blessings upon her life. Lord you favored me and blessed me with the most gracious daughter in the household of the igwegbe’s. Despite the many battles from the enemies of Igwegbe’s household, you showed me mercy and gave me strength. I became a mom in the midst of a raging storm“ .

I was threatened constantly that “you will never marry my brother, you will never be a mom, you will be barren, I will kill you, I will rather die than have you bear my brother’s kids or step your foot in my father’s house, you and your children will be bastards”. For no just cause.

Simply because I was an actor, I was dragged to every police station in Lagos, assassins were constantly sent to my home. I was shamed on every national News paper/tabloids like a common thief and was made an object of caricature because I was in love with your father as he did me.

My crime was wanting to settle down like every other young woman. Through it all, I remained silent and pleaded my case before God.

You o lord covered my shame and gave your final judgement. You blessed me with Chigozie and it’s been endless blessings since then. Lord continue to silence every roaring lion and enemies of our household.

May every stone thrown at us be the solid rock upon which we build our foundation. May your grace never depart from her for she brought me comfort, peace and many blessings.

Continue to protect her from all who have been fighting tirelessly to deny her her due place in her father’s home and the joy of growing up with her father like every girl deserves.

Chigozie Being your mom was the best Job I ever had and continue to do till the day I close my eyes in perfect peace. I Love you child of mine.
Happy 11th Birthday Nicole. We love you and are proud to be your parents.”

Nigeria Police Celebrates Korede Bello With Honorary Superintendent Of Police

March 22, 2018 0
Nigeria Police Celebrates Korede Bello With Honorary Superintendent Of Police
Nigerian singer and Mavin act, Korede Bello, was yesterday decorated as the Honorary Superintendent of Police by the IGP, Ibrahim Idris. This is coming after the singer was unveiled as the first Nigerian police ambassador in 2015.

Korede Bello shared photos of the decoration with the caption.

‘I want to be part of the solution, not just paying lip service to nation building. Rare selfie of SP Korede Bello and IGP Idris K. Ibrahim. Say hello to the new Doro M3GA Superintendent of Police’.

At the unveiling of Korede Bello as the first Nigerian Police Ambassador in December 2015, the former Inspector-General of Police, Mr Solomon Arase said that youths were critical to the fight against crime in the country.

Represented by Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Danazumi Doma, Director, Finance and Administration, Arase said:

“Korede Bello, you are the positive representation of Nigerian youths and on this occasion, the Nigeria Police celebrates you. We believe Korede Bello’s exemplary behaviour and tenacity of purpose, like that of the Nigeria Police, will be the needed influence to change the wrong or misconceived habits of some of our youths. It is, therefore, my firm conviction that in fighting crimes in our system, the youths are critical elements that must be incorporated. The process of bringing the youths into our fold as crime-fighting channels is very critical to the policing of this country.’’

In his acceptance speech, Korede Bello promised to work with the police to ensure that youths do not engage in crimes.

“I promise to do my best, we the youths of this country will not disappoint you’’, he said.

D’banj Is Back With Koko Mansion, Koko Water, Koko Garri

March 22, 2018 0
D’banj Is Back With Koko Mansion, Koko Water, Koko Garri
Looks like it is a year of comeback for the one and only musician Kokomaster himself.D’banj who had is first ever reality show many years ago has decided to bring it back once again.

While we are outchea trying to recover from the announcement of the “Mo-Hits” Tour, D’banj is busy planning something much bigger by bringing Koko Mansion back to our screens, Koko Garri and the other Koko franchise he has up his sleaves.

The entertainer said this to a fan who asked he brought back the Koko franchise.

See the exchange below:

Mum Stay Away From Me! Singer, Simi Threatens Her Mum

March 22, 2018 0
Mum Stay Away From Me! Singer, Simi Threatens Her Mum
Singer, Simi has always established the fact that she has a very close bond with her mum through most of her videos on Instagram. There is no doubt that a beautiful friendship exists between the mother and daughter.

Simi’s mum who recently got married to another man was bested by her beautiful daughter Simi. This further proves that they are an incredible duo together.

In a new Instagram post where Simi shared a sultry picture of herself, Simi’s mum took to the comment section to ask Simi for the top she was wearing in order to look sexy for her husband. Simi who couldn’t hold back her laugh told her mum to stop commenting on her Instagram post as she would block her if she persist.

Isn’t that cute? Check out the conversation below;

I Cannot Date Phyno, Because He Is Igbo —A Lady Slam

March 22, 2018 0
I Cannot Date Phyno, Because He Is Igbo —A Lady Slam
Nigerians will not stop amazing people with the way they tackle issues sometimes, and this one has left me very weak.

A Nigerian Lady identified as Amara Chukwu Sarkodie on Facebook has taken to YabaLeftOnline Facebook Group to say she can in no way date Igbo guy especially Phyno.

The Lady, who is also an Igbo indigene, says Igbo guys are rude, and she can in no way date any Igbo guys.

She simply wrote on the platform; “I can never date Phyno. He is an Igbo man and will be rude”

The truth behind this her attestation is yet to be revealed as no one knows if she and the Igbo rapper as in any way cross paths, or she is just saying it from a general perspective of how many people view celebrities.

I don’t know who is telling her that Phyno would even like to date her.

I Use Butters and Palm Kernels For My Skin– Beverly Osu

March 22, 2018 0
I Use Butters and Palm Kernels For My Skin– Beverly Osu
Actress, model and one time Big brother Africa star Beverly Osu has begged bleaching expert to stay away from her as she is proud and happy with her dark skin.

The actress called out some bleaching experts on her page who constantly bother her to patronize some of their organic bleaching, toning or brightening products.

According to Beverly, she is not interested in either toning or brightening, she loves her skin and is only passionate about shea butters and palm kernels!

“Please leave me and my dark knees” she begged the experts without mentioning their names!

Surprising!!! See What Tekno Did To His Hair

March 22, 2018 0
Surprising!!! See What Tekno Did To His Hair
Nigerian singer Augustine Miles Kelechi popularly known by his stage name Tekno Miles or simply Tekno is also a songwriter, producer, performer and dancer. He is a descent of Ebonyi State.

The singer is most popular with his more hulk kind of hair style since from inception, but the singer has decided to change his looks.

Tekno Miles has decided to join the likes of Kcee to abandon their previous hairstyle and move to the long standing low cut.

Am sure nobody has seen the Diana crooner in this way after he became famous of say after he delved into the music industry.

He shared a photo on instagram were he rocked a native outfit to match the new haircut.

The haircut looks good on him and many fans have urge the singer to maintain this very cut as he looks more like a gentleman compared to that rugged looks.

I'm To Support Lola Margaret With My Shoulders – Liz Da Silva

March 22, 2018 0
I'm To Support Lola Margaret With My Shoulders – Liz Da Silva
Nollywood actress Liz Da Silva has encouraged her fellow actress Lola Margret who is presently in hiding for shame after she was deported from the US following alleged fraudulent activity.

Lola Margaret whose birthday is happening today has reportedly relocated to Ibadan, leaving Lagos and it’s buzz since the deportation .

Recall that Margaret quietly deleted her instagram account after the incidence.

In her birthday wishes for Margaret, Liz Da Silva has implored her to forget the shame, forget the past and move on with her life regardless of what people will say about her.

According to Liz, she is also ready to loan out her shoulders in support in case Lola Margaret needs to cry.

Asides Liz, many other colleagues of the actress have wished her a happy birthday regardless of her self inflicted exile!“

Olamide, Vector And Other Rappers Not Included In M.I’s Top Ten Rappers

March 22, 2018 0
Olamide, Vector And Other Rappers Not Included In M.I’s Top Ten Rappers
Nigerian rapper M.I Abaga has released a list of his best 5 rappers of all times and top 5 at the moment also but some notable names are missing.

Olamide, phyno, vector and others are considered to be one of the best rappers in Nigeria, but that does not seem so to M.I.

He was asked by one of his follower to mention five people he considers to be his best when it comes to rap.

In response to a question asked by one of his fans on Twitter, Mr. Incredible named “Mode 9, Proverbs (of South Africa), Jesse Jaggz, Freestyle and Ghost” as his all-time greatest African rappers.

However, his list of 5 hottest African rappers right now include; Nasty C, Cassper Nyovest, Poe (of Mavin Records), Ghost and Khaligraph Jones (of Kenya).

The rapper sidelined most of the notable names in the rap business in Nigeria and opted for the young dudes.

Recently M.I was in support of Cassper Nyovest who said that Nigerian hip-hop is local, M.I who issued that Nigerian rappers need to go fix up their lives if they want to make it big.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Omoni Oboli Leaves People Confused With New Photos

March 21, 2018 0
Omoni Oboli Leaves People Confused With New Photos
Nigerian Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli is set to join the league of 40 year old actresses in the movie industry.

The actress has been flooding her social media page with many pre- birthday photo shots, and this has left many shocked and confused with her beauty.

The actress recently shared a photo which she was adorned in a red dress in which she was glooming and her smile radiating her beauty.

Omoni may be heading to her forties but the director is like an old wine which gets better as the last. Truly the actress is still a beauty to behold.

The actress is counting down her 40th birthday and she is doing this with photos, April 22nd is the D-day has many are wondering if she will stage the Omotola kind of birthday party.
In the photo she shared, she captioned it thus;

Some years ago, I took a pledge to stay on my lane, my lane only and nothing but my lane. So help me God, I haven’t looked back. Life would be a lot better if we all took that pledge. Do your work and ignore the noise and noise makers. #DoYou #LetOthersDoThem #PositiveVibesAlways. Oh did someone just say it’s 33 days to my 40th birthday? Thankful for grace found me! #OmoniAtForty.

Majid Michel And Wife Spotted With Yvonne Nelson’s Baby

March 21, 2018 0
Majid Michel And Wife Spotted With Yvonne Nelson’s Baby
Nollywood Ghanaian-Lebanese star Majid Michel and his lovely wife Virna were spotted with the new born child of Yvonne Nelson.

The child is a mixed race offspring, carrying both African blood and European blood in her.

The couple paid Yvonne Nelson a visit last week Monday where they were spotted having their first encounter with the mixed race girl.

The actor was all amazed with the sight of the new born child as he could not hide the amazement while looking the baby from the hands of his wife.

The baby girl was born on the 29th of October 2017 in Accra Ghana. Yvonne Nelson was heavily criticized for choosing to have her out of wedlock, the actress seems not to be disturbed by this act as she has issued that she is happy to give birth without getting married saying it was what she and her man wanted.

Herdsman Stabs Welder To Death In Oyo

March 21, 2018 0
Herdsman Stabs Welder To Death In Oyo
A 25-year-old welder, Joshua Adeniyi was on Saturday allegedly stabbed to death by a man suspected to be Fulani in his shop at Sabo area of Orile-Igbon town in Oyo State after a fight broke out at a joint.

Sources said the suspect approached the victim, who just arrived his shop from a naming ceremony and stabbed him in the chest, killing him before escaping from the scene.

One of the brothers of the deceased, Timothy Adegboyega informed journalists that eyewitnesses arrested one of the friends of the suspect when he (suspect) escaped.

Adegboyega said, “I trained Joshua in welding work and after he graduated, he started working with one of my former apprentices who has a shop close to the scene of the incident.

“On Saturday, he attended a naming ceremony and returned to the shop later in the evening. Beside the shop is a joint where youths play game and relax. Some Fulani men also patronise the place. From what we heard, the assailant was not provoked by my brother.

“Those who saw him said he was drunk when he approached my brother and stabbed him in the chest. Joshua died before he could reach the hospital. The killer escaped while people were trying to save the life of my brother, but his friend was apprehended.

“We have had cases of Fulani men fighting people with cutlasses and knives in this area. Anytime they have misunderstanding with our people, they use these weapons to injure our people. They terrorise our farmers in the farms and now they are coming to our town to continue their heinous crime.”

Public Relations Officer of the state Police Command, Adekunle Ajisebutu, while confirming the incident said that the suspect had been arrested.

He said that the state commissioner of Police had directed the homicide section of the state CID to commence investigation into the murder case.

He said “The suspect has been arrested. The CP has directed the homicide section of the state CID Iyaganku to commence discreet investigation into the murder case.

“The suspect will be charged to court after conclusion of our investigation.”

Police Officer Who Ordered Apo 6 Killings Promoted To AIG

March 21, 2018 0
Police Officer Who Ordered Apo 6 Killings Promoted To AIG
Danjuma Ibrahim, one of the police officers fingered in the killing of six persons in Apo, Abuja, in 2005, has been promoted to the rank of Assistant Inspector General of police (AIG).

Ibrahim Idris, Inspector-General of Police, decorated him with the new rank on Monday at the Force Headquarters in Abuja.

Ibrahim and five other police officers had been accused of killing some persons, including five traders, on June 7, 2005, while they were returning from a night party in the city.

During their trial, the other officers and eight other police witnesses had testified that Ibrahim, the most senior officer among them, ordered the killings.

But in November 2017, he was controversially acquitted alongside two others by a federal high court in Abuja, after pleading not guilty to the charges.

Following his acquittal, Ibrahim, who was a deputy commissioner of police at the time, was promoted to the rank of commissioner of police.

He was decorated with the rank of AIG along with Istafanus Shettima, Jimoh Ozi-Obea, Bello Yahaya, Mukaddas Garba, Dasuki Galandanchi, Fave Semali and Sadiq Abubakar.

I Sleep With 5 Men Per Day – Sex Worker

March 21, 2018 0
I Sleep With 5 Men Per Day – Sex Worker
The police in Lagos have arrested the owner of Collabor Hotel, an inn on Ige Street in the Iyana Ipaja area of the state, for allegedly hosting underage sex workers in the facility.

The owner of the hotel, John Okon, was apprehended along with the hotel manager, Emmanuel Thomas. Their alleged accomplice, Monica Ita, was said to be at large.

The operatives of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, acting on intelligence, busted the hotel on Saturday, March 10, 2018, and caught a 15-year-old primary school leaver allegedly engaging in prostitution.

The girl was said to have been brought from her village in the eastern part of the country by Ita a few weeks ago on the pretext that she (Ita) would get her a good job.

Our correspondent gathered that one Destiny Bassey, 19, and 18-year-old Bright Effiong, who was said to have been at the inn for three years, were also picked up by the operatives.

During a parade on Tuesday at the Lagos State Police Command headquarters in Ikeja, the hotel operators admitted to providing service for the sex workers, except the 15-year-old girl.

The hotel manager, Thomas, said, “It is true that we provide rooms for sex workers where men visit them. We collect N5,000 from them (the sex workers) every week. We don’t give them out to men; they bring their customers themselves.”

The 15-year-old that Ita persuaded her to come to Lagos when she (Ita) saw her playing around the village.

She said, “I finished from primary school two years ago, but I could not continue my study because my parents died. Aunty Monica (Ita) came to the village and asked me to follow her to Abuja. She said she would get me a good job.

“Some days after I got to Lagos, she took me to the hotel to do prostitution. I had yet to get a room when the police came to pick us.”

Bold and unabashed, Bassey, who gave her age as 25, said she slept with five men per day and collected N2,000 from each of her customers.

The Imo State indigene added that joblessness pushed her to the act.

She said, “Nobody forced me into prostitution. I have been hustling at the hotel for some years now. I send part of the money I make to my relatives in the village for the upkeep of my child. I don’t have parents and my husband is dead.

“I sleep with five men every day, so I make as much as N10,000. I pay the hotel N5,000 every week. I wanted to save enough money for my education.”

Effiong, an indigene of Calabar, Cross River State, also said she went to bed with five men daily, adding that some of her customers paid N1,000.

“I came to the hotel last year and paid N3,000 per week for a room. I did only one round with each customer,” she added.

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi, said the command swung into action following a tip-off that a syndicate was running a prostitution ring.

“A team of FSARS operatives stormed Collabor Hotel and arrested a 15-year-old girl. She confessed that she was brought to the hotel some weeks ago by one Monica Ita. The coordinators of the prostitution ring, Emmanuel Thomas and John Okon, were also arrested. The case will be charged to court at the completion of investigation,” the CP added.

Corruption No Longer Threat To Nigeria’s Economy – Oyegun

March 21, 2018 0
Corruption No Longer Threat To Nigeria’s Economy – Oyegun
The National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, says corruption no longer poses a threat to the national economy because of the war being waged against it by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration.

Chief Odigie-Oyegun said this yesterday in Abuja at the party’s national secretariat, when he received the Rector of the Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State, Dr Abubakar Dzukogi and the management team on a courtesy visit and official notification of his nomination for a fellowship award and invitation to the 15th combined convocation ceremony of the institution scheduled for Wednesday, March 28, 2018.

“On corruption, we all know that corruption is fighting back. But it is not a problem, you fight with a flick of a switch, because corruption is very rich, corruption is very wealthy, corruption is very elitist; they are bound to fight back and they are fighting back.

But thank God we have a president who is single-minded about taming that scourge and tame it with will. We know now that corruption is not as brazen as it was.

“We don’t just now take money from the public till and distribute to politicians and the rest of it, that no longer happens… nobody is saying corruption has been wiped out, there is no country in the world where corruption has been wiped out; but it is being tackled in Nigeria to the point where it can no longer be a threat to the national economy, where it does not become an acceptable way of life, of doing business,” He said.

Odigie-Oyegun said the President Buhari APC-led administration was delivering on its election promises despite difficulties and challenges.

“I am particularly pleased by your recognition that in spite of difficulties, government of the APC is delivering on its promises to the Nigerian people. That is important for me and I really see this award as coming to me on behalf of the government and the party.

The Rector of the Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Dr Dzukogi, who spoke during the visit, said Odigie-Oyegun’s choice was informed by many successes recorded by the APC-led administration.

Nigeria Needs Biafran Inventors To Use Their Technology Move Nigeria Forward – Shittu

March 21, 2018 0
Nigeria Needs Biafran Inventors To Use Their Technology Move Nigeria Forward – Shittu
Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu, has tasked the Federal Government to trace innovators of the defunct Biafra who are still alive for them to deploy their technological know-how towards the nation’s drive for industrialisation.

The Minister regretted that the nation failed to take advantage of the great innovations propelled by the three-year war, which ended in 1970, by making use of those he described as great minds that sustained the then Biafra army.

Shittu, who spoke at the commissioning of Technology Orientation Centre, built by the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), at Idu, Abuja, yesterday, urged the agency to go beyond the elite environment and trace these innovators, most of whom did not even have university education.

He also lamented Nigeria’s over dependence on import even for its daily needs, and tasked the agency to do something urgently to close the gap.

“I recall that during the civil war, we had so many innovators from Nnewi and other parts of eastern region then. So many people, who didn’t have university education, developed so many technological infrastructure in the East. But it looks like after the war, they were forgotten.

I think Nigeria should look for these great minds that may not have had university education but in terms of innovativeness, they sustained to a great deal the then Biafra Republic Army.

“I think that NASENI should move beyond the elite environment and look for these people who I believe are going to add great value to what NASENI has been doing.

“Again, there is need for us to start challenging ourselves. Number one, up till today, toothpicks are still imported; serviette papers are still being imported.

Up till today, so many small things are still imported into Nigeria. It’s not enough for us to look for the big targets in terms of engineering infrastructure. I think we should not leave behind those small items that we need on daily basis.

These are things that ordinarily if we have them produced locally, will be patronised by virtually every Nigerian. I will suggest that our immediate target like the President has always said, is that we should produce what we eat,” he stated.

Also, Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu said that the centre will help entrepreneurs, researchers and innovators gain greater access to the necessary processes that will fast track the commercialisation of inventions using local technologies.

He added that it will complement the cardinal objective of the Presidential Executive Order No. 5 which seeks to promote self-reliance in the process of national rebirth through enhanced industrial capacity, especially in the areas of new and emerging technologies.

Onu asserted that no nation had ever become truly great without science and technology expressed the optimism that the centre would play critical role in strengthening the nation’s onward march to a new dawn where science, technology and innovation will drive development efforts.

In his remarks, Chairman, Senate Committee on Science and Technology, Prof Ajayi Boroffice said with the passage of the Science, Technology and Innovation Fund bill, what was left was the political will to fund the sector.

Earlier, Executive Vice Chairman, NASENI, Prof Mohammad Haruna said that entrenching the culture and orientation of science, engineering and technology practices was a panacea for transforming the nation’s vast human and material resources for economic diversification in line with the National Science, Technology and Innovation Roadmap 2030.

He said “Today, NASENI is providing this edifice where Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) family can come together, cross pollinate ideas, design and determine the most appropriate technology to adopt for the progress of our dear country and humanity.”

He disclosed that the construction of the centre which began in 2013 cost N354,346,921, adding that it houses 700 collapsible-seat-capacity multipurpose auditorium and multimedia facility. Other features include exhibition hall, virtual reality workstation, offices and car park.

Call Osinbajo To Order, Omokri Tells Pastor Adeboye

March 21, 2018 0
Call Osinbajo To Order, Omokri Tells Pastor Adeboye
Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s media assistant, Mr. Reno Omokri, on Tuesday asked the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, to call Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo to order for accusing Jonathan of sharing N150 billion two weeks to the 2015 elections.

Omokri made the call in a statement he issued yesterday, debunking a claim by the vice president that while it spent a paltry N14 billion on agriculture in 2014, N15 billion on transportation, and only N153 billion on infrastructure in three years, it shared N150 billion two weeks to the 2015 elections.

He said if President Buhari “will not intervene and rein in his vice president by calling him to order, I respectfully call on Pastor Adeboye to step in and call Osinbajo to order.”

He urged Adeboye to remember a biblical admonition in Revelations 21:8, which states that all liars “shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone.”

Contrary to Osinbajo’s claim, Omokri noted that Jonathan did not share N150 billion two weeks to the 2015 election, thereby challenging him to come out with his proofs.

He said: “If Osinbajo has proof that Jonathan did so, then we challenge him to publish his proof. He is a professor of law and ought to know that he who alleges must prove.

“Again, it is a lie from the pit of hell that the Jonathan administration spent only N14 billion on agriculture and N153 billion on infrastructure in three years as alleged by the fallacious Osinbajo.

“The Jonathan administration budgeted and spent over $10 billion on infrastructure in five years between May 6, 2010 and May 29, 2015,” Omokri noted.

He explained that the single most expensive and valuable project built in Nigeria in the last 20 years “is the $1.8 billion Abuja-Kaduna 187 kilometres super-fast railway that enables Nigerians work in Abuja and live in Kaduna.

“This project was built and completed by the Jonathan administration. Is the vice president aware of this? Also, Jonathan revived railways in five of the six geo-political zones and restored direct rail services from Lagos to Kano, Port Harcourt to Maiduguri and Makurdi to Gombe,” Jonathan’s aide explained.

Despite what he described as Jonathan’s landmark achievement, he lamented that both Buhari and Osinbajo “keep accusing the Jonathan administration of being corrupt and claim that they run an anti-corruption government.

“If this is true, how come Nigeria made her best ever improvement in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index under former President Jonathan government in 2014 when we moved eight places forward from 144 to 136?

“Why have we made our worst ever retrogression in the Corruption Perception Index under President Buhari, moving 12 places backward from 136 to 148 in 2018?”

He, therefore, observed that the vice president “continues to make these discredited comments because he is a man promoted above his competency.”

Omokri said it is sad that the vice president has again surrendered his lips to Satan to be used to spread slander and lies. Nigerians may recall that lying is the most consistent achievement of Osinbajo’s almost three years as vice president.”

He pointed out another unfounded claim the vice president made on October 20, 2017 in Anambra State where he disclosed that the present administration had paid $2 billion for the second Niger Bridge.

Jonathan’s media aide said: “I personally exposed that lie and forced the Presidency to issue a clarification. The money released was N2 billion. It came from the Sovereign Wealth Fund set up by the Jonathan administration which the APC resisted and challenged in court.”

He recalled that in February 2016, the vice president again lied when he claimed that both the Jonathan and Yar’adua governments did not build a single road.

Omokri said the fact was easily disproved when even members of this administration, including Buhari, began inauguration of projects roads built by the Jonathan administration.

According to him, some of the roads either built or rebuilt by the Jonathan administration include the Benin-Ore portions of the Benin-Lagos road, the Vom-Manchok road, the Kano-Zaria road bridge (named after late Emir Ado Bayero) and many more.

Boko Haram Returns Dapchi Schoolgirls, 5 Dead

March 21, 2018 0
Boko Haram Returns Dapchi Schoolgirls, 5 Dead
Boko Haram on Wednesday returned the abducted Dapchi schoolgirls kidnapped from the Government Girls School in Yobe State.

Orsu24news.com had reported that Boko Haram terrorists loaded in 11 trucks, on Wednesday morning entered Dapchi town.

The terrorits returned the girls in eleven vehicles, in an episode similar to how they abducted the girls.

It was gathered that there were confusion in the area as members of the community scampered upon sighting the vehicles.

From the sketchy details gathered, five of the girls may have died while in custody of the insurgents.

Minister of Defence, had last Saturday assured Nigerians that all the Dapchi schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram terrorists would regain their freedom.

EFCC, NSA Discover $9m In Home Of Sacked Buhari’s Aide, Boroh

March 21, 2018 0
EFCC, NSA Discover $9m In Home Of Sacked Buhari’s Aide, Boroh
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA), have allegedly discovered $9 million cash at the residence of the sacked Special Adviser on Niger Delta to President Muhammadu Buhari and Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Brig.-Gen. Paul Tarelah Boroh (rtd).

President Muhammadu Buhari last week replaced Boroh with Professor Charles Quaker Dokubo.

The presidency had also disclosed that Buhari directed “a full investigation into the activities of the Amnesty Programme from 2015 to date, especially allegations of financial impropriety and other acts”.

The discovery of the cash was made a few hours after his arrest by a combined team of EFCC and ONSA operatives.

EFCC Head, Media and Publicity, Wilson Uwujiaren confirmed the raid to Thisday.

A senior security agent also said that Boroh was picked up from his home in Gwarinpa, Abuja, on Monday, but was taken back to his residence at about 3 a.m. Tuesday by the security operatives who raided his house for hours and made the cash discovery of $9 million at his home.

“The former adviser was driven to his home in an unmarked car after his arrest. His home was searched for several hours and about $9 million cash was discovered in several safe boxes in several parts of the house,” the source said.

“The combined team of EFCC and the National Security Adviser operatives were very thorough with the search. Indeed, at a point, the operatives broke all the locks in the home including his wife’s closet. The recovered cash has been deposited at the Office of the NSA,” he added.

Boroh’s sack, investigation and arrest by the EFCC may not be unconnected to a petition, among others, that was sent to the president last August.

In the petition to Buhari dated August 21, 2017 and signed by one Timi Angalabiri, on behalf of the Niger Deltans for Accountability and Good Governance (NDAGG), the group had requested the president to suspend the ex-Amnesty Programme boss “for a credible investigative inquiry to commence into the non-payment of tuition fees and living expenses of recently graduated Niger Delta students in universities across the United States, the United Kingdom and Nigeria, with many institutions withholding the students’ certificates due to the non-payment of tuition fees ranging from nine months to two years, despite receiving over N70 billion within this time frame”.

The petitioner further pleaded with Buhari to use his good office to prosecute Boroh and others for allegedly diverting the sum of N70 billion.

Breaking: 11 Trucks Loaded With Boko Haram Enters Dapchi

March 21, 2018 0
Breaking: 11 Trucks Loaded With Boko Haram Enters Dapchi
Reports reaching us now indicates that Boko Haram terrorists loaded in 11 trucks, on Wednesday morning, gained entry into Dapchi town in Yobe State, Daily Sun Reports.

Our correspondent is among newsmen currently on a fact-finding visit to the troubled town and reported that the counted 11 trucks full of the terrorists entered the town with gun-wiedling members of the sect packed inside them.

It was reported, however, that no gushot has been fired as at the time of filling this report.

More Details To Come…..…